Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Serum – Antioxidant – Smoothing – 24 Hours Action – Restore Skin Deeply – Paraben & Fragrance Free - For all Skin Type – Vitamin B5 – Lotus Water – Aloe Vera

  • EPIDERMOSIL: This component fills the areas where  wrinkles are present, stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid in  the skin.                 
  •  24 HOURS: It has a prolonged action for 24 hours.  The formula´s components allow continuous action during the day.                 
  • ELASTICITY – MOISTURIZER: Restores moisture levels  in the skin and restores elasticity as well. (PRO VITAMIN B5, LOTUS  WATER AND ALOE VERA)                 
  • ALL SKIN: It can be used on any type of skin, Fragrance and Paraben Free.                 


Energy Intense Cream – Revitalizing – Facial - Ultra Moisturizing - Luminosity – Skin Renewal - Silk Glycoproteins - Smoothness, Lushness

  • MOISTURIZING: Promotes deep hydration to the  epidermis. It can be used as a skin renewal and moisturizer after  peelings or as a cosmetic revitalizing treatments booster.                 
  • SILK TREATMENT: Facial cream formulated with  glycoproteins from the silkworm cocoon. The silk thread has a high  compatibility with the keratin and it forms a multifunctional protective  layer to the skin, promoting an immediate and long lasting smooth  sensation.                 
  • LUMINOSITY: It contains also the capacity to retain  humidity from its water affinity, promoting smoothness, lushness and  luminosity to the skin.