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Lightening • Efeito Pele Nova


Efeito Pele Nova is a powerful facial lightening and revitalization treatment, with a vitamin C, Retinol Ultraspheres and vitamins A and E liposomes based formula.

Repairs damage caused by internal and external factors and prevents cellular oxidation. Off ers immediate results: renewed skin with an even shade.

Vitamin A and E liposomes: Great cutaneous phospholipid affi  nity, deeply penetrating the epidermis and liberating noble ingredients. Vitamin E increases water retention capacity, whilst its association with vitamin A reduces wrinkle formation on sun exposed skins.

Retinol Ultraspheres: Hydrate and increase cutaneous elasticity. Prevents roughness and wrinkles. In a nanoemulsion, promotes greater ingredient absorption and guarantees its integrity.


Bio-Nano C Powder • 30 Cápsulas


98% vitamin C capsules, with high lightening and free radical fi ghting powers. Offers immediate results. Apply with 10 drops of Bio-C Drops, massaging to rupture the granules or, if used individually, can be ionized using (-) polarity.

Active Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid

Bio-Nano C Pré-Peeling • 150g


Diff erentiated chemical and physical

peeling that off ers deep exfoliation and skin luminosity, aiding cell renewal, improving skin texture and hydration. pH 3.5.

Active Ingredients: Glycolic Acid 10%, Rice Hull Silica, Bamboo Stem, Bamboo Extract.

Bio-Nano Mask • 150g


Highly lightening, anti-oxidant and revitalizing argillaceous mask, formulated with Retinol Ultraspheres that minimize thin wrinkles and aid facial rejuvenation.

Active Ingredients: Acerola Extract, Retinol Ultraspheres (1%), Liposomal Vitamins A and E.

Bio-C Peel • 60ml


Chemical peeling that off ers exfoliation and skin luminosity, aiding cell renewal, improving skin texture and hydration. pH 3.5.

Active Ingredients: Horseradish, 11 Amino Acids, 5 AHA’s=10% (Glycolic Acid 3.5%, Lactic 3%, Mandelic 2,5%, Tartaric 1%, Glacial Acetic 0,5%).

Bio-C Drops • 30ml


Hydrating eff ect anti-oxidant serum that aids facial renewal. Composed of liposomal vitamin C, used in anti-aging and lightening procedures. Indicated for dissolving Bio- Nano C Powder’s vitamin C capsule. Ionizable in (-) polarity.

Active Ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin E,

Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Urea, Retinol


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Cleanse with Bio-Cleanser Glycolic and remove with water. 

Exfoliate with Bio-Nano C Pré Peeling. Remove with water. 

Using the cuvette, mix one capsule of Bio-Nano C Powder with 10 drops of Bio-C Drops. Massage and do not remove.

Apply Bio-Nano Mask, leave for 15 minutes and remove.

Finish with Bio-Nano C.