Polytech Tecnology

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics was founded in 1986. Today, the company is a European
market leader regarding implant advancement and manufacturing.

We are a mid-range company situated in central Germany. Due to our vision and innovative spirit, we
have accomplished a constant growth combined with superior quality.

About Us


The best for you body

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics does not only manufacture superior quality products in accordance with the current standards, but also provides a high level of support and service. As the only manufacturer of soft tissue implants producing in Germany and as a medium-sized company, POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics has unique possibilities to develop products according to the latest technology. The department of Research & Development cooperates closely with physicians to design groundbreaking new products.


German Quality for Life

On 1st July 2007, POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics launched the patient program IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE which offers participating patients a lifetime replacement-implant policy for their implants:

  • For all types of POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics breast implants: for your lifetime free replacement implant/s in case of implant-shell rupture
  • Additonally, for POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics Microthane® breast implants: for up to 10 years post op free replacement implant/s in case of capsular contracture, dislocation, or rotation

Your decision for having our breast implants and for the program IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE means choosing the highest product quality combined with highest personal safety.


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